An exceptional saucepan signed Mauviel and Yannick Alleno

An exceptional saucepan signed Mauviel and Yannick Alleno

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We could describe this as a meeting at the top: on one side the Norman company where seven generations have succeeded to create high-end kitchen utensils, on the other a star chef Yannick Alléno, known, among others, of the great audience thanks to its gastronomic magazine YAM. What is the result of this crossing? The chef has trusted the Mauviel 1830 brand for years, recognizing his expertise and excellence. He shares with her the values ​​of audacity and tradition " I am very proud to collaborate with Mauviel 1830. In this perpetual quest for perfection and renewal, my goal as a chef is to transmit values ​​and my knowledge. Thanks to this range, I want everyone to find or rediscover the sensations that I have every day in the kitchen ". Yannick Alléno
The result of this collaboration is a straight flared pan worthy of great chefs. With a diameter of 20 cm and made of bi-material stainless steel and aluminum, this product called "Cuisine Moderne by M&A" has been available since the beginning of May in a limited edition (only 200 copies). And to make this pan even more unique and therefore desirable, know that it is stamped with the initials of the chef "YA", decidedly very proud of this creation. Mauviel, Flared right, "Modern Kitchen by M&A", € 129.90


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