What are the advantages of fiber optics?

What are the advantages of fiber optics?

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Answer: many possibilities thanks to higher throughput.

Often compared to broadband, optical fiber has for several years revolutionized the world of the Internet (mainly) by offering a level of speed significantly higher than ADSL or VDSL. This increase in flow therefore offers the user many advantages. One of the first advantages drawn from this increase in speed is the reduction in "freezes" which jerky the television broadcast when the network encounters problems of packet loss. Second advantage, optical fiber is much more durable than current technology (ADSL). Fiber optics also make it possible to circulate downward and upward flows at the same speed, leading to the development of applications such as telemedicine. Finally, one of the other advantages of optical fiber is its positive impact on the environment. You too, send us your DIY question.


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