5 essentials for your office

5 essentials for your office

The start of the school year is an opportunity to take stock of your work space to start off on a good foundation and make the office a practical, comfortable and decorative space. For this, there are some essentials to adopt! Follow the guide for a top office!

Essential n ° 1: the office itself

It may seem obvious, but the choice of your office will determine your comfort! So it is important to choose an office that will meet your expectations. To work properly, all you need is a dedicated table that will present a good work plan. In terms of decoration, associate your desk with the style of your interior.

Essential n ° 2: a comfortable and decorative chair

Your second priority after choosing your desk is the chair! Today, we banish leather office chairs with casters and we prefer a more decorative and modern model such as a chair, for example a beautiful designer chair like the Louis Ghost by Starck. On the comfort side, do not hesitate to add a cushion if necessary.

Essential n ° 3: a desk lamp

To work, you might as well say that lighting is essential! The must of the desk lamp is an architect's lamp because it will bend to all your needs thanks to its articulation which makes it an asset for working comfortably. Today, it even exists in color for a more decorative touch.

Essential n ° 4: storage boxes

A practical office is a well-organized office! So do not hesitate to multiply the storage boxes to always find your way on your desk. You can for example bet on different colors to thematize your storage.

Essential n ° 5: an organizer

Finally, to organize your work, remember to place on the wall or on your work plan a calendar which will also serve as an agenda in order to easily visualize what you have to do and not forget any appointment!