What are the safety measures for working on a roof?

What are the safety measures for working on a roof?

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Answer: like any work at height, interventions on the roof require precautions to be put in place to preserve everyone's safety.

Work at height is particularly sensitive as falls can be serious when they occur. Respecting certain safety rules is compulsory to work serenely (for work over 3 meters). Be sure to carry out your work on the roof in favorable atmospheric conditions (little wind, no rain), knowing that work on slippery roofs is subject to strict conditions. The installation of guardrails that cannot allow the passage of a human body is strongly recommended. If this is not possible, a fall arrest system is mandatory. Check the stability of the devices. Work near electrical installations such as television aerials should be reported. When roof work is frequent, planks and various devices to stop a person in loss of balance must be installed. You too, send us your DIY question.