Pink and black: chic and girly winning duo in the girls' room

Pink and black: chic and girly winning duo in the girls' room

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The new chic in the girls' bedroom is to give character to their candy pink decor by enhancing it with black. A very "Chantal Thomas" dress code that will surely boost the temperament of their universe, so far, as wise as an image. Instructions for use side 5 - 10 years and 10 - 15 years.

In the children's room

The good news with this semi makeover is that it does not involve reviewing the decor from top to bottom. Ideal to give a facelift to the room before the start of the school at a lower cost. We thus keep the starting pink base, and we simply complete it with a few black keys distributed here and there. In little girls, these touches will remain in the minority so as to keep a cheerful and light whole. A cushion, a double-sided bed cover and one or more photo frames on the walls will do the trick. By the way, by choosing each of these accessories in a poetic and dreamy design (shapes of hearts, stars, flower patterns…), you will see that the darkest color of the color chart fits, against all odds, rather well girly style!

In the teenage bedroom

Among teenagers, we like to vote for the pink / black color code because it makes it possible to easily evolve the pink bedroom of little girls who have grown up, towards a more "teenager" bedroom. Here, we therefore prescribe black at a higher dose to assert the "young & rebellious" look. A slate repainted wall where you can write as you wish is therefore not to be excluded! It will be enough to affix a few flashy pink masking tape strips to the booster and voila…