Bamboo trend in the garden

Bamboo trend in the garden

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Known for its resistance and lightness, bamboo is the perfect material for your garden decoration. In addition to being an ecological material, it is also a renewable material, ideal if you want an outdoor decor that respects the environment. Bench, bar or even lanterns bring a little Asian and Zen air to your garden. Here is the winning recipe for a moment of relaxation and well-being!

A garden furniture

For a zen and refined garden, what could be better than pretty bamboo furniture? So we adopt a sofa and armchairs covered with soft white and chic cushions that we install around a coffee table also in bamboo. Total successful look! And for dinner, our heart is conquered by the Bloomingville table and benches with the most soothing appearance.

A garden bar

The holidays will be waiting for you once you have installed a bar and its bamboo stools in a corner of the garden. We escape naturally in an exotic place, hardly the foot put in the grass ... We love it! If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you can also put it right next to it to sip good cocktails with friends as soon as you get out of the water.


Trendy and almost essential object of the garden, the lantern sees this year again life in "bamboo". Ideal for giving your exterior Asian notes, these woven lanterns bring a real Zen and relaxing atmosphere. Our little decoration tip? Go for the hanging models that you can hang in number on your trees or your pergola.