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Mistakes to avoid with household appliances

Mistakes to avoid with household appliances

Household appliances have become an essential part of our daily lives. Over the years, he has even become a decoration player. So before buying a new device, the editorial team has put together a list of errors to avoid to buy with confidence.

Do not choose an energy-consuming product

Ecology is at the center of all concerns, whether political or social. If like everyone else, you feel concerned by the question, you have to think about ecology. Each device must now have what is called an energy label. This summarizes the characteristics of the product and in particular its energy performance: from G to A ++, from red to green, you can make your purchase with an ecological conscience. Remember that a highly rated device is a device that consumes little and therefore a lighter electricity bill: when ecology rhymes with economy. We therefore choose a device classified A at least to reduce its bill and its ecological footprint.

Don't buy what you don't need

Your neighbor has just bought the last coffee machine that everyone is talking about and that we see on all television screens and she takes the opportunity to praise you for its merits. When you get home, your coffee seems bland compared to your own. However, last year the whole family rejoiced around the coffee machine you had just bought and marveled at its exceptional functionality. So before embarking on a frantic race for novelty we allow ourselves a few days to think about it. Do we really need to change machines every year? No, you have to know how to have fun but also understand that an additional expense is not necessarily useful.

Do not neglect the design

After looking at the energy label of the product you're going to buy and making sure you need it, it's time to ask yourself the aesthetic question. Today many fitted kitchens offer to integrate household appliances. It becomes easy to hide your dishwasher or refrigerator behind a panel similar to your kitchen cupboards. However mixers, ovens and other microwaves are rarely built-in. We must then ask the question of the integration of these in his room. Is your kitchen red lacquered? So avoid taking white appliances, prefer brushed metal finishes that will integrate into your design and contemporary universe. On the work plan, we expose them as new decorative objects, we then choose them according to its interior, to stick to trends.

Don't forget the small accessories

They are the darling of home made, they are our little accessories. Making whipped cream, curling hair, preparing smoothies ... On some days, you feel more like an appliance dealer than anything else. Then the day you need it, the whipped cream needs a gas cartridge to operate, the charcoal pack for the barbecue is empty ... So we keep and we pile up in a corner. The cupboard overflows with a juicer or toaster when only one would be enough. These small accessories that we are offered or that we buy with real intention become after a few months of use really bulky and are used rarely or never. So before you buy, ask yourself the question of the space occupied by these small household appliances that you will not know where to store. Our practical decoration videos