My room is too dry, how can I humidify it?

My room is too dry, how can I humidify it?

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Answer: by installing an air humidifier, a radiator saturator or by cunning (wet linen, basin of water, half-open window, etc.).

If you feel that a room in your home is too dry, you can always buy and install an air humidifier. After being filled with water, it will take care of diffusing water vapor into the room. Another solution is the radiator saturator. Slightly less expensive than the air humidifier, the saturator clings to the radiators and diffuses the water contained in its tank under the effect of heat. Therefore, it does not work in the summer. If not, there are small tricks to humidify the air of a room without spending money, by drying the wet linen there for example, by placing a basin of water out of sight (evaporation will the rest) or by constantly keeping the window ajar (during the summer).