3 decorative storage for the bedroom

3 decorative storage for the bedroom

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In addition to the wardrobe and the chest of drawers, other small storage spaces are introduced into the bedroom to allow you to slip in some additional items. Large travel trunks, bed ends or baskets become, once installed, decorative elements in their own right. To help you find your crush, take a look at our shopping list… at a low price!

A trunk

After classically decorating our living rooms, the large leather travel trunks now take over the bedroom. If we like them with an aged look, the new editions of the big brands can also charm us with more contemporary looks. Our other favorite, the large wicker trunks which give the room a seaside atmosphere posted at the end of the bed and why not at the bedside table

A bed end

The main function of the bedspreads is to serve as a seat when you get dressed in the morning or to put down the excess cushions at bedtime. But when they have a storage chest or shelves, they undoubtedly become useful storage furniture. Upholstered, in metal or wood, they all have the little trick to seduce you.


Small or large, baskets have the advantage (in addition to being decorative) of being able to slip everywhere! Very practical, they allow us to store scarves, our pairs of socks, or all the little things that tend to hang around in the room. Another tip, if you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace in your sleeping area: use them to store wood. Deco, right?