Easy tips for creating a dining area

Easy tips for creating a dining area

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The lack of space sometimes forces us to do without a real dining room space. But not to deprive us of a dining area, there are some easy tips that allow you to settle down to eat. And all in a decorative way!

A living room that turns into a dining room

The living room is the heart of the house to welcome your friends so why not also offer it the function of dining room? By creating a 2 in 1 space, you will save space and create a relatively practical living room. So that the living room becomes a dining room when necessary, you can opt for a lifting coffee table that will also serve as a dining table. Then you just need to add folding stools around the table to be able to sit down. Besides, why not just keep your coffee table and add floor cushions all around? Friendly atmosphere guaranteed!

A kitchen dining area

And if you prefer that the living room remains a relaxation area, you can install your dining area in the kitchen. Whether you have a lot of space or not, it is possible! For large spaces, nothing easier: we install a table in the room and it will also serve as a work plan. For more modest spaces, we do not hesitate to trick by installing a counter that will be used in work plan or bar for meals with high stools. Also think of the retractable tables, part of which folds down to leave the space free while offering you a table for lunches when necessary.