In this design lounge: 5 ideas to remember

In this design lounge: 5 ideas to remember

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Design salons make us dream on glossy paper, but it is not always easy to dare this style at home. However with a few ideas that are easy to reproduce, you can very well transform your main living room into a contemporary and chic space. This week, we set our sights on this show imagined by Flamant and spotted 5 decorating tips. Decryption.

Idea n ° 1: Opt for a white sofa

In a lounge with a designer look, it is important to favor sober colors. So you choose your sofa in black or white and with simple lines. So that it does not bring coldness in the room, we favor fabric models, warmer ... especially when we add a few cushions.
Photo credit: Flamant

Idea n ° 2: Choose designer pendant lights

The choice of pendant lights is essential in a designer style living room. They are often a reflection of what we want to bring to the room, so be careful not to neglect them. We love this refined model which is exposed in an original trio since it is neither positioned above the sofa, nor in the center of the room, but diagonally.
Photo credit: Flamant

Idea n ° 3: Multiply the low tables

Simple but very decorative idea: place several small coffee tables in the center of the living room instead of just one. This recipe works wonderfully with the very trendy square wooden tables and metal legs. Placed next to each other in a mismatched manner, they bring an airy touch to the decor.
Photo credit: Flamant

Idea n ° 4: Use pedestals

Trends these two bases of different sizes which are exposed in a corner of the living room. To give a design side, we choose them rough like a block of granite and place green plants or a lamp. Original, right?
Photo credit: Flamant

Idea n ° 5: Create a small office area

Design living room, does not mean that everything should be purified to its maximum. You can very well install in a small corner, an office space, very practical. To stay in the mood of the room, we choose him and his chair, in wood and metal. The harmony is then perfect.
Photo credit: Flamant