Material focus: how to choose paper for pastels?

Material focus: how to choose paper for pastels?

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A specific drawing technique, the use of pastel requires a different paper depending on the type used for the creation. There are indeed different kinds of pastel papers which do not all support the same amount of material before saturating.

The texture of your paper

Do you prefer pastel fatty or dry pastel? This is the first question to ask yourself before choosing your pastel paper . For the news: 739835 dry pastels, choose:
  • A grain pastel carton made of cork with a strong hanging power.
  • Velvet paper for soft and velvety effects.
  • Fine-grained or coarse-grained watercolor paper.
  • A paper akin to fine-grained sandpaper that allows for original texture effects.
For dry pastel, therefore, choose a paper that is sufficiently grainy to retain the color. For news: 739 835 pastels, choose:
  • Papers intended for oil painting
  • The paintings
  • Chassis
  • Grain paper
These allow you to keep your work in time. In general, you will find pastel papers in trade from 5.15 euros for 500 sheets, price which will change depending on the quality sought. A suitable color Pastel has the characteristic of never completely covering the paper and even of seeing its colors fade on white paper. You will therefore need to favor colored supports. A blue or grayish paper is suitable for the realization of a sky while a pastel paper beige is suitable for drawing of a portrait.