All about decorative effect paints

All about decorative effect paints

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The paints with decorative effect are of liquid or semi-liquid texture offering a diversified range with colors to compose oneself or to define from a color chart. These applications will bring a new dimension to your walls and ceilings. Find more articles on the theme: Painting work quotes

Paints with decorative effect: presentation

The paint is a liquid coating composed of binder, solvent, pigments which allows to protect, decorate or improve the appearance of a support or a surface. It will provide finishes with a matt, satin or lacquered resolution. The decorative effect paints will be taupe in consistency and will allow the surface of a wall or partition to be modified by creating reliefs obtained from plasters, wax or lime. These decorative coatings offer authentic and unique renderings while hiding imperfections. Your walls or partitions will be enhanced by smooth and nuanced decorations with the appearance of metal, slate, crackle or terracotta. Decorative effect paints will give an exceptional character to your walls or partitions with original creations.

Paints with decorative effect: instructions and application

You don't have to be a professional to decorate and improve the condition of your partitions. The matt look paint minimizes light and conceals imperfections. The satin-finish paint will give your walls a soft and warm note. The glossy paint will intensify your colors and reflections. The paints will be applied according to the decor to be produced using brushes, rags, sponges, brushes for personalized effects. The decorative plasters tinted with a choice of colors are ready to use for direct application without an undercoat. You just have to let your imagination run wild and express yourself freely.

Paints with decorative effect: advice

Before launching, you have to calculate the exact surface to cover to avoid a difference in shade between the colors. It is necessary to ensure the quality of the product, its covering power, its combinations and its ease of application. Please note, some decorative plasters are ready to use, others will not contain wax or dye. Some paints will require the application of an undercoat beforehand, others will not. It is necessary to inquire about the quality of the support to be coated. Indeed, the applications will be made according to the nature of the wall to be worked (plasterboard, wall to be renovated…).