How to install or change a door?

How to install or change a door?

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The work is progressing quickly and the time has come to replace the door. This step is not the easiest, however with good technique, good advice and a little time, the result will be perfect. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a renovation or a door installation

Choose the new door and remove the old one

First of all, it is essential to take the opening measurements before choosing the new door. This one can be made of wood, steel, PVC… Once the material is at hand, you can dismantle the old door by unscrewing the hinges from bottom to top. Remember to maintain the door properly to avoid an accident. Also locate the alarm system or doorbell wires so as not to inadvertently cut them. Disassemble the lock and handle if you have decided to keep them. Then remove the framing using a saw and a flat bar. Finally, remove the insulation and clean the dust.

Install the new door

To properly install your new frame, it should be centered and left as straight as possible (check using a level). In order to get an idea of ​​what this will give, first fix only one screw to each hinge. If the frame is not quite straight, it will be easier to replace it. If everything is satisfactory, fix the other screws. You can then put the door in its frame. Do not hesitate to open and close it several times to check that everything fits well and that there are no particular problems. Once the assembly is installed, reassemble the lock and the handle.


If you change the door, it is not only for aesthetic concern, you expect some comfort from the latter so the step of insulation is not to be neglected. Using urethane, you proceed from the inside to the outside by applying several layers one after the other. Clean the drips as you go and once the product is dry, cut off the excess with a knife. To perfect the whole, you can put moldings and paint them in the color of your choice. You are done, you can now be proud of your work. Now that you know how to do it, you can give advice to your neighbors and friends. In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, you can refresh the corridor and choose the materials you need…