What colors to combine with orange?

What colors to combine with orange?

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Orange is a color widely used in contemporary interiors. With simple touches or more generously present, this tone brings warmth, cheerfulness, dynamism and modernity to the interior decor. To highlight the orange and magnify its richness, it is strongly advised to associate it with another color but also with black or even white. From pop art style to urban chic, orange is everywhere, so easy to harmonize.

A touch of orange in a natural atmosphere

If orange is indeed a strong color present in decoration, be careful not to fall into the trap of excess. We have too long criticized the too much of the 60s and 70s where the decor was sorely lacking in fantasy because orange was everywhere! However, this color is capable of creating beautiful harmonies and proves to be essential for its invigorating and anti-sluggishness. We like its frivolous side, capable of giving spring to a beige-taupe decor, for example, all in all magnificent and conducive to relaxation. The color orange is second to none in inviting Nature interiors. Thus, it blends just as nicely with the blue and green that it warms and brightens.

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Show subtlety with orange shades

There is not an orange color but a rich palette of oranges which avoids the flashy a little too frank. From salmon beige to amber orange, you can create a camaieu of light tones to dark of the most delightful. If you opt for a frank orange, it is better to limit yourself to a single section of wall or reserve it for objects and rugs for simple colorful touches. On the other hand, an apricot can be applied a little more generously. But whatever its intensity, orange benefits from being harmonized with cold colors and being chosen in a matte rather than shiny finish because it is too showy. It's up to everyone to play the card of subtlety by choosing the intensity of orange best suited to what they want to express.
Photo credit: Aviva Very chic with black, glossy brown and other browns, orange offers a beautiful rendering with wooden furniture and parquet floors. Likewise, the charm operates when used with wrought iron furniture. And on a friendly table, an orange tablecloth will elegantly welcome crisp white dishes and cutlery with black handles.
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Orange and purple for a captivating decor

The orange color also lends itself to the bohemian style and ethnic decor with oriental or Asian accents. Pink, purple, eggplant, purple and fuchsia are all colors that go perfectly with orange. These harmonies can be punctuated with turquoise blue for a spellbinding effect. Colors widely present on Indian fabrics with which we can cover sofa cushions or make curtains and bedspreads. Lighting, decorative objects, tableware are to be chosen in these tones if one wishes to bring a very personal touch to the living room, the office or the kitchen as soon as they display a fairly uniform chromatic range.
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