How to secure shutters?

How to secure shutters?

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Safety is one of our concerns. On old or modern constructions equipped with wooden casement shutters or roller shutters, it is possible to arrange additional security systems, simple and effective to limit and avoid all attempts to break in or break in during an absence extended. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for fitting shutters

Securing shutters: the rolling shutter - general

The roller shutter comes in two forms: it can be manual or electric. It is coveted for its aesthetic, practicality and ease of maintenance. The roller shutter is increasingly placed on new constructions. A roller shutter with an electrical mechanism will have more important technical safety features than a shutter with a manual system. Indeed, the mechanical process of the electric shutter is made up of obstacle or forced opening detectors, an anti-lift device thus blocking any attempt at vandalism. The roller shutter is made up of extruded aluminum slats, a more rigid and stronger alloy than conventional aluminum. In terms of security, the roller shutter is a reliable, efficient shutter offering high technical characteristics against any attempted forced entry or forced intervention.

Securing shutters: closing accessories for rolling shutters

As stated above, the manual roller shutter offers less important safety criteria than the electric shutter. To reinforce the security of a manual roller shutter, accessories have been developed in the form of a locking lever type locking mechanism, a spring unlocking mechanism, a mechanism made up of bolts and screws. The manual roller shutter can be fitted with these additional accessories which will lead to a more secure configuration (anti-tearing or anti-lifting devices). Furthermore, and to increase the efficiency of the roller shutter, it can be associated with an alarm system and be connected to a central unit.

Securing shutters: methods and tips for wooden shutters

Several methods are used to secure one or more wooden shutters. For casement shutters, the safety bar with locking system will be very effective and will prevent any attempt at picking. Indeed, the locking function will prevent any sliding to dislodge the anti-intrusion bar. You can also equip your wooden shutters with reinforced burglar-resistant bar comprising a two-point anti-lifting system. This bar will allow the integral locking of the two leaves. You will also have the possibility of reinforcing the resistance of the shutters by integrating metal rods between the slats. Finally, a three-point lock can be fitted to optimize this equipment and deter any attempted intrusion.