A makeover on my balcony for less than 200 euros

A makeover on my balcony for less than 200 euros

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How nice it is to have lunch or read a book on your balcony when the sunny days are back. However, if the decor is tired, you can sometimes avoid going there and miss out on some good times. So if you are ready to roll up your sleeves to give it a facelift, without spending a fortune, let yourself be guided by our few tips at low cost.

Lay wooden tiles: 7.40 euros for 1m2 or 37 euros for 5m2

A concrete balcony can quickly bring a sad side to the decor. To remedy this without breaking the bank, we are tempted by pretty pine slabs, inexpensive and easy to install since they are clip-on. Don't you think he's immediately more cheerful like that?
Photo credit: Castorama

Repaint the railing: 34.95 euros per can of paint + 3.85 euros per set of 3 brushes

The paint is peeling or worse, you can not stand the color of your railing? It may be time to give it a facelift. For this we choose a sober painting like white, gray, black or even bottle green and we get down to the task. After a good day's work, you will be delighted with the result!
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Hanging planters: 21.97 for 3 planters

After making your railing beautiful, it must be highlighted. For this, we advise you to hang some planters in which you can plant flowers, or even aromatic plants. White, colored, or even zinc, we let you choose.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Buy a design armchair: 35 euros

Gone are the traditional balcony chairs, today we are opening the door wide to a designer armchair. Our favorite for this season? The Ikéa PS Vago model which does not require any particular maintenance, and which in addition to being decorative is also very practical since it is stackable. Ideal for saving space when not in use.
Photo credit: Ikéa

Install a woven carpet: 9.99 euros

Latest trend in date: install rugs designed to live outside on your balcony. Handy if the terrace is damaged but you don't have the budget to completely renovate it!
Photo credit: Ikéa