Garden and rain: what to do?

Garden and rain: what to do?

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Bad weather is definitely well established and spring, the real one, is slow to offer us its mild temperatures and sunny days. And if our morale suffers, he is not the only one because in the garden rain and cold make things very difficult. So what to do in the garden while waiting for sunny days? We give you some leads.

Wait for the sun

If there was a magic formula to bring the sun, it would be known. So in the garden, you just have to wait until he decides to point the tip of his nose. With the many rains and the temperatures still too cool, nature has fallen behind and often has a three-week lag. But do not panic, nature is sufficiently well made to catch up in due time. It only remains to be patient because the waterlogged soils prevent most plantings. As you cannot plant a tree, shrub or perennial in waterlogged soil, it is recommended to wait a few days after the return of the sun so that the soil decongests. It is therefore better to delay all your planting rather than planting and that it does not work. But do not let yourself go and be ready for the renewal of nature by preparing and cleaning your garden well. Buy the tools you will need for your different crops, clean the pots and other accessories, sharpen your pruning shears and accompany your garden for its exit from winter.

Help the garden

As the garden is suffering from the situation, you should not hesitate to be extra vigilant to accompany it in its exit from winter. While waiting for the sun, therefore preserve the plants that need it indoors or opt for a garden greenhouse that will protect your first plantings as little as possible. Be aware that the rain will cause excessive growth of certain plants including lawn. To preserve it, mow little by adjusting the cutting height but very often to avoid tall grass. Note that weeds will also grow much more so you will be very busy removing them until you can plant. For plants that are already large or fragile, do not hesitate to install a tutor who will help them not to break and therefore to enjoy the coming spring. In addition, humidity attracts pests from the garden and you can therefore redouble your action against slugs by removing them as much as possible to prevent them from attacking your leaves. Finally, watch carefully for signs of disease that your plants could develop due to humidity so that you can treat them as quickly as possible. As for the vegetable patch, everything is also late and the harvest time may be a little shorter than in previous seasons! Do not hesitate to cover certain crops and also wait to plant. Favor early plants for better results. And remember that patience is the first quality of a good gardener.


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