Zen decor in the living room

Zen decor in the living room

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The living room is a space conducive to relaxation. We like to rest there, meet with friends or family, read or listen to music. It is for all these reasons that opting for a Zen salon turns out to be a wise choice. How to create a Zen decor? What colors or materials should you choose? How to bring harmony and serenity to the living room? Here are some tips.

Neutral colors

To achieve a Zen decor in your living room, you put on neutral colors such as white, beige or gray. Because they represent nature, green and brown can be used for a Zen atmosphere. Generally, light shades should take over. Darker or more intense colors are present to enhance the decor or enhance a specific space in your living room. A white and black atmosphere can give a very trendy Zen decor!
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Natural materials

To bring serenity to your living room, it is possible to use natural materials. Their colors are as sober as they are neutral and they offer a multitude of patterns. As part of a Zen decor, we opt for a paneling or parquet in natural wood or painted in light colors, for seagrass, linen, wool, etc. Natural materials find their place on the walls, the floor, the curtains, the furniture, the sofa, the lights and all the decorative elements. They blend with neutral shades that will enhance them while brightening the living room. To give a little cachet to your interior, you can choose effect coatings. Today we find tiling that looks like it can be mistaken for parquet or wallpapers representing a wooden, stone or brick wall.
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Elements of suitable decoration

If you opt for a Zen decor, you must choose suitable decor elements. These can be objects made of natural materials, candles and very sober frames whose colors match the other shades of the living room. On a parquet, we put on a light colored wool carpet. On a tile, you can opt for a model in natural material. If you want vegetation, know that it is perfectly compatible with a Zen decor. We love bamboo, white flowers of all sizes and bonsai. Avoid frames or wallpapers representing plants, opt for natural plants!
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A sleek living room

A Zen decoration implies a refined decoration. So don't overload your living room. The latter must consist of a sofa, whether or not accompanied by one or more armchairs, a coffee table, a simple and lightly loaded hi-fi cabinet and a small cabinet. The latter must be closed and have a sober design. You can of course decorate the living room with a carpet and decorative items but limit the quantities. Choose furniture and decorative elements suitable for your living room. Indeed, you should not put large furniture in a very small room. As much as possible, space the different elements that make up your living room to circulate air and positive waves.
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