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Mistakes to avoid with scratches in your decor

Mistakes to avoid with scratches in your decor

Discreet or colorful, stripes are not just for seaside style. On the contrary, when they adopt color, they wake up a sofa, an armchair, a wall or a monotonous floor. Here are 7 mistakes or avoid to adopt them without false note in your decor.

Don't dare mix the stripes with other patterns

The stripes are especially not consumed in total look. They gain momentum when mixed with other patterns. Polka dots, floral or plain patterns highlight them. Concretely in your decor, you can combine striped cushions with polka dot cushions and place a carpet with floral patterns on the floor. This joyful association will cheerfully boost your interior.

Do not play with the colors of the stripes

Like the patterns, the stripes assert their presence when they are colored in yellow, pink, black, green ... To mix for more effect, they energize a somewhat sad decor. If possible, avoid the navy blue which immediately associates them with the seaside style, and with the sailor stripes.

To limit stripes to the marine style

Stripes are often associated with the marine style reserved for seaside homes. Think again, stripes are also welcome in all types of decorations if they are adopted in colors other than blue. Stripes are just as popular in a Scandinavian decor, as shaggy chic or ethnic. The main thing is to integrate them with appropriate colors such as lemon yellow, black, green or pink.

Do not put scratches in all rooms of the house

Bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, entrance, garden, terrace welcome scratches with open arms. These can become the common thread of your decor. A cushion here, a carpet there, a coordinating lounge chair and parasol, you're done, you've just themed your decor for the summer motif.

To think that the stripes are austere

Straight and rigid, the stripe may appear strict and without artifice. Yet choosing them undoubtedly brings character to your decor. The stripes immediately stand out from the stylized patterns to give your interior style and personality.

Discreetly adopt stripes

The wider your stripes and in stronger tones, the more they will be seen in your decor. A bias that can be useful when you want to identify a space to install an office in a living room with multiple functions or when you want to impose a graphic style on the room.

Do not use scratches to give volume to the room

Dull and sad, your decor needs scratches. The bands in contrasting colors present on an object or a wall give relief to them. Also by playing with this effect, you energize a decor that is a little too wise or unattractive.