On this vegetal balcony: 5 ideas to remember

On this vegetal balcony: 5 ideas to remember

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With the arrival of the beautiful days, we all think of arranging the balcony to be ready for the summer already. If like us, you want to create a real little corner of greenery, let yourself be inspired by this plant balcony designed by Ikéa. 5 ideas caught our attention in particular. Decryption.

Idea n ° 1: Create a green wall

To create a little corner of greenery on your balcony, the green wall seems to be the essential element. But if you cannot or do not want to make a hole in the wall to install planters or a wooden trellis, there is another equally decorative solution: a pedestal. All you have to do is slide in all your favorite flowers and why not some aromatic plants.
Photo credit: Ikéa

Idea n ° 2: Choose green furniture

Who says plant balcony, necessarily says nature-colored furniture. Here, it is on a table and green chairs that we put, but you can also choose other colors such as beige or brown. Wooden furniture is obviously welcome provided that it appears in its most natural aspect.
Photo credit: Ikéa

Idea n ° 3: Hanging planters

The railing of your balcony can also be requisitioned to help create a plant decor. Since there are specialized planters to hang, we choose one or two depending on the mood, and of course green. They plant daffodils, wild flowers and even salads; it's up to you!
Photo credit: Ikéa

Idea n ° 4: Opt for stools

A small balcony is very useful, but it can quickly become a very crowded space. To circulate properly after installing a table and two chairs, you have to find a practical solution to have enough seats when you invite a few friends. Simple but effective idea: buy four or five stools that you stack and slide into a corner when you don't need them.
Photo credit: Ikéa

Idea n ° 5: Place some yellow accessories

And to awaken this very green decoration, some accessories of another bright color will do the trick. Small watering can, lantern, and yellow flower pot arranged here and there attract attention. You can also choose a bright red or an electric blue which will also bring the touch of pep to the decor.
Photo credit: Ikéa