Arpin, alpine wool

Arpin, alpine wool

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The small Savoyard spinning mill founded almost two centuries ago is the result of artisanal work and a passion shared by eight generations. Arpin, these are beautiful materials, soft and warm, natural colors. It is also an ancestral know-how which today earns the brand unrivaled recognition, both for its fabrics, its clothing and fashion accessories, decorative items and its luggage.

Birth of a brand

Arpin, born almost two hundred years ago in the Alps, is a family story above all. It was in 1817 that Jean-Baptiste Arpin, helped by his father-in-law François Griotteray, inaugurated the Filature specializing in the creation of clothes in Drap de Séez and tents in Drap de Bonneval for adventurers, soldiers and mountain people. Then managed by Paul Arpin, the spinning mill forges an undisputed reputation across the Alps and beyond thanks to the quality of the Bonneval cloth. The heat it diffuses is such that this fabric will be used for making outfits shipped to the Himalayas.

Photos credits: Arpin No less than eight generations will succeed to perpetuate the spirit of the Arpin spinning mill which will equip the outfits of athletes during the Albertville Olympic Games in 1992. In 2003, the Drap de Bonneval was chosen to make a collection of Haute Couture clothing. It was not until 2010 that the Arpin house opened its first store in the heart of Chamonix. The brand is now part of the cultural heritage since fourteen of its machines are classified as Historic Monuments.
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A philosophy unchanged for two hundred years

Such an ascent is only possible thanks to an exceptional know-how and a foolproof tenacity. Arpin is also a style - both modern and traditional - unlike any other. Arpin has, over time, been able to adapt to needs and trends. The alpine wool used to make Arpin creations is supplied by sheep from the Valle d'Aosta, Tarentaise, Maurienne and Beaufortain. For almost two centuries, the method of manufacture has remained unchanged, as has the philosophy of the label based on respect for the environment, but also of wool treated with deference. No chemicals are used and the colors are guaranteed natural.
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Arpin, a legendary brand

All the Arpin collections are produced in an artisanal way and cut in very high quality fabrics such as the Muletière, the Fabric of the Alps, the Fabric of Séez, the Drap de Savoie and the Drap de Bonneval. Every lover of beautiful materials can only be seduced by the collection of cushions, throws, blankets but also fashion accessories and by the Arpin clothing line. The same care is given to leather goods and luggage as well as to the manufacture of branded decorative items. Arpin - mythical brand - is recognized by all, and was chosen in 2013 by the M of Megève, a luxury hotel establishment, to make curtains, cushions, bed linen but also staff uniforms in current colors.
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