What's new for tiles?

What's new for tiles?

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The tiles are part of the timeless patterns, so anchored in our decor that we tend to not even notice them. Never out of date, they have nevertheless evolved in recent years to always settle in style in our interiors. Take a look at the latest trends in check patterns.

The timeless Vichy

Irreplaceable and timeless, the Vichy motif still has its own decorative side. On the tablecloths of the dining room, on the tea towels in the kitchen and even on the cutlery or on the wallpapers, it gives itself a second breath by revealing itself in many colors. In red or blue to remain traditional, you can also adopt it in pink version on the walls of a little girls' room, or in purple on the towels.

Photo credits: Déco BB / Anne's Table

3D version

You've probably noticed, the graphic patterns are everywhere and the square is definitely part of it. In cube version, it is the most beautiful effect on the cement tiles that one chooses to put in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Black, gray, white or black blue, beige, it takes volume to give our floors a very decorative feeling of relief. We love !

Photo credits: Les Carrelages du Marais / Charme & Parquet

They share the stage

The tiles also know how to make room for other patterns to be in trend. In their center, they sport small circles, flowers or arabesques, which are then nicely framed. In black and white so as not to overload, or on the contrary colored in neon tones to harmonize with a decor in tune with the times, they were able to adapt without any harm thanks to their lines with ease.