Three new casseroles in the Seb chicken coop

Three new casseroles in the Seb chicken coop

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I'm trying to reach the bottom of the bottom for my titles, I hope you will forgive me. Having received all the press releases from the Seb group over the past few days, I am going to water you with new products from the group and here is the last for the Seb brand, just now we will go to Moulinex. Seb is celebrating this year the 60th anniversary of the famous pressure cooker, less known by its scientific name of pressure cooker. For the occasion, it is launching three new casseroles on the market which aim to satisfy as many people as possible.

The pressure cooker, a story of goose that lays golden eggs

The pressure cooker was not invented by Seb but by Denis Papin in 1679 who developed an iron pot with pressure cover and safety valve (the idea was there). From 1939, the pressure cooker in the form of a steam pan knew a success in the United States and seduced American housewives. On the French side, Seb launched in January 1953 the Seb Supercocotte (the one we offer to his wife when we like to eat well according to the advert above) and supported its marketing although the household arts fair of 1954 refused him the access. Finally it is the consumers (well, the consumers rather) who will deny this shelving since the Supercocotte becomes the Superproduct, far surpassing the competitors with their heavier and less safe pressure cookers. From its launch in 1954, it was sold in 130,000 copies and in 1960, 500,000 pressure cookers took over French kitchens. In 1965, 800,000 copies were reached. Its success is also due to "Madame Cocotte-Minute", that is to say Françoise Bernard, a culinary star, who will lend a helping hand to Seb by notably writing a cookbook for the Supercocotte.
From then on Seb will no longer really have the pressure to sell his pressure cookers and will succeed over the decades in innovating so that the Seb pressure cooker remains a reference in the matter. For example in the 70s, we played with colors (and romanticism). In 1971, Seb reached the historic sales record with 1,727,733 copies sold. In the 80s, Seb launched the pressure cooker with bayonet closure and in the 90s, the clipso with a simplified closure and opening system and a silent valve (no more whistling in the kitchen).

And today, she lays us the casserole?

Enough of yesterday, let's focus on today's pressure cookers whose three new models have been on the market since March 2013.

The Clipso Plus

Seb further improves its opening and closing system with a new patent (apparently the arch system already available on the Nutricook). This new pressure cooker would require three times less force than on its other pressure cookers (compared to the Clipso One or the Clipso Compact): just raise the handle with one hand to unlock and lower it to close. Like some other Clipso, the handles are foldable for easy storage. The Clipso Plus is a simplified version of the pressure cooker since it only has two cooking speeds, one for vegetables and the other for meat and fish. It is available in a 4.5 l, 6 l, 8 l or 10 liter version. Announced at € 144.99 for the Clipso Plus 8 liters.

The Clipso Plus Gourmet

It's a bit of a high-end version of the previous casserole, with the same patented opening and closing system and the same cooking methods. On the other hand, its handles are not foldable because they are made of stainless steel. Delivered with a second stainless steel lid, the idea is to be able to transform as you wish your pressure cooker into a traditional casserole dish. In this way, it can even go into the oven.
Only available in 6 liters, it costs € 164.99.

Nutricook Delight

The Nutricook already marketed by Seb is the "healthy cooking" version in a pressure cooker. It was already known for its 4 cooking programs which ensure the preservation of vitamins. The new Nutricook Délice also has three new programs specially dedicated to desserts: a fruit program, a custard program and a cake program. To exploit the full potential of this pressure cooker, Seb delivers 6 verrines for desserts as well as 2 recipe books at the same time. Finally, like on the Nutricook, the timer is removable so that you can monitor your pressure cooker from a distance.
Only available in 8 liters, you will have to pay € 229.99 to take this Nutricook Delice home. And now, you just have to choose your favorite model!