What colors to match with metal garden furniture?

What colors to match with metal garden furniture?

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Metal furniture is very popular in the garden, but do you know what decoration to adapt to it? We suggest you determine the colors that will give style to your furniture depending on whether you have chosen it in white, black or color for a top garden.

The colors to associate with white metal garden furniture

When we think of white metal garden furniture, we immediately see a fairly romantic charming style where the metal forms elegant and refined scrolls. With this garden furniture, we play the card of femininity and we associate it with soft colors. This type of furniture is therefore ideally placed in a green setting under a tree or in the middle of the lawn to bring out the white color. As for accessories, white can be used to remind furniture, but you can also bet on romantic colors like pastels. The essential decorative accessory for bringing in color: a bouquet of fresh flowers in soft colors. Also note that natural colors like beige or taupe will bring a very successful country style!

The colors to associate with black metal garden furniture

Black metal is a real decorative chameleon and it gives rise to charming furniture as well as much more contemporary furniture with straight and refined lines. For a romantic style, we turn to the same colors as for white metal furniture, namely soft and pastel colors that are sure to stand out against a dark backdrop. You can also play with metal-colored accessories to accentuate the charming style. But we especially prefer it in a design version to create original color associations. With white you will play the graphic card, with red you will give character to your association which will also be able to recall the atmospheres of the bistros and with the blue you will bring an atmosphere at the same time design and marine ideal for the seaside.

The colors to associate with colorful metal garden furniture

The metal furniture allows a wide variety of colors to brighten up your garden! And if you choose bright colors a bit pop, then do not hesitate to multiply the different colors to create a cheerful patchwork. Rather than opting for a single color of chairs, bet on different colors that you will use in the decorative accessories to create a reminder and thus offer unity to the whole. Do not hesitate to play with the flower pots which will make good relays of the color of your furniture. If the colored patchwork does not appeal to you, you can also simply bet on a strong color block duo such as pink and orange or blue and green. Also note that very colorful furniture can adapt very well with white, black or natural decor accessories to bring out the colors even more.