I discover the cartoning technique

I discover the cartoning technique

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Cardboard packaging is the discipline of creative do-it-yourselfers ... and a very good way to make beautiful and useful recycling!

What is cardboard packaging?

It is often defined, a little too restrictively, as the art of designing all kinds of boxes with cardboard as the basic material. In reality, the art of cartonnage is much more than that, it is a technique that will give you the possibility of creating a quantity of incredible objects: from the small notebook to the chest of drawers, via just about anything that appeals to you: decorative items for children's rooms, lamp bases, jewelry boxes, tissue boxes, handbags, magazine racks, desks, coffee table or living room table… And this, with simple cardboard plates more or less rigid depending on your project, which you can buy without breaking the bank or even recover very easily. If you are thinking of trying your hand at the art of cardboard packaging then it's time to recycle shoe boxes and packaging boxes!

Cardboard, with what material?

It is therefore a technique which has the advantage of using a very simple material, accessible to all. To then be able to work this cardboard, you will obviously need tools for tracing, cutting, folding and gluing: criterium, eraser, ruler, square, compass, news: 739781 cutter, scissors (for paperboard and for news: 739845 fabric), cutting mat or cardboard martyr to make the templates and create the different parts, vinyl glue, adhesive tape of kraft paper, news: 739807 brushes and rollers for gluing, folder, clothespins or drawing to maintain the bonding, for the assembly phase, sandpaper, paints, varnishes, papers or embellishment fabrics such as skivertex (imitation leather paper) for example for the covering part. At this point, you can also try other creative hobby techniques such as decoupage or decopatch.

To get started on the carton ...

Level learning, cardboard, is not in itself a very difficult discipline but it requires a lot of patience and thoroughness. All the steps must be carried out with care otherwise the rendering is disappointing. You will be able to learn certain basic techniques alone through numerous books and magazines on the subject, but to progress effectively, the best is still to offer you (or have offered!) Cardboard lessons. You will find it in many places, it's trendy!