Choosing the right refrigerator

Choosing the right refrigerator

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In the kitchen, the refrigerator is more than essential: it is essential! Ultra sophisticated pantry, it will be your daily ally if you choose it well. So to help you make the right choice, we suggest you discover the criteria to take into account before your purchase.

The volume of the refrigerator

Before launching into the technical characteristics of your future refrigerator, you must first think about the size of the latter. Indeed, you need to think about the capacity you need according to your lifestyle. Note that as a general rule, there are 100 to 150L for a single person, the equivalent of a "table top" refrigerator, 150 to 200L for a couple and 250 to 300L for a family. You will therefore understand, an American refrigerator is used especially for large families because their volume in the refrigerator part represents about 350L.

The freezer section

You should also ask yourself if you want a freezer. Note for example that on the smaller models, you will only have an ice compartment and that if you want a real freezer, you will have to opt for a handset with a slightly larger fridge. When choosing the freezer, you have to check the temperature using the star system. Note that a star allows frozen products to be stored for three days, two stars for four weeks, three stars for a year and that four stars can keep food for a year but also freeze your preparations. Regarding the freezer, be aware that you will find refrigerators where this part is above, others below or even on the side as for American fridges and even models drawers.

Energy consumption

Today you will find refrigerators of all energy classes. For an environment-friendly model, you will have to bet on a category A or even A + and of course flee category D which is the most energy-consuming. Note that even if your refrigerator with a better energy classification is a little more expensive to buy, your electricity bills will be reduced. So this is a good calculation for your wallet and for the planet.

Options not to be overlooked

In addition, when choosing your refrigerator, you will come across a number of options which are not always negligible. For example, the ventilated cold allows good distribution of the cold in the appliance while the no frost function prevents freezing and therefore frequent defrosting. Finally, note that an alarm when the door remains open for too long is not superfluous to avoid inconvenience.

The aesthetics of the refrigerator

Finally, once all the technical considerations have been studied, still think about the aesthetic aspect. If you have decided not to fit your refrigerator, it will be visible and must therefore be in harmony with your kitchen. The good news is that today refrigerators no longer stick to traditional white. There are bright colors, a stainless steel effect or even patterns like the Union Jack. Some models even play the retro card with rounded shapes. So it's up to you to have fun with the decorative aspect to make your fridge the star of your kitchen!