I want to give a design style to my balcony!

I want to give a design style to my balcony!

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Do you have a designer interior and would like to decorate your balcony in the same style? Good idea, your balcony will then be an extension of your living room! And for that, we help you find the right decorative ingredients for a design balcony!

We opt for refined furniture

Depending on the size of your balcony, you will be able to install some pieces of furniture that will set the tone of the design style. If your balcony is a good size, you can for example bet on a complete garden furniture that you choose in dark woven resin or you can choose a dining table to enjoy meals outside. If you have less space, we advise you to buy one or two designer armchairs that will dress the space and allow you to relax in the sun. You can then choose a model that combines metal with either black or white fabric or polypropylene furniture that will offer you innovative and very design shapes.

We play the card of a graphic decoration

In terms of decoration, you will have to avoid overloading to create a refined decoration (and not to clutter your small space too much). We therefore choose few pieces but strong pieces with a graphic inspiration. Black and white are then your allies in the choice of decorative objects. But if you really want a touch of color, you can opt for a single bright color to add like red, yellow or green knowing that black and white will have to be in the majority. For a design style, the favorite decorative object will be the flower pot. We put on an XXL model in sober and chic lines that will bring height to the balcony. And for an even more decorative spirit, we dare the luminous models which will give style to the terrace even after dark.