Mistakes to avoid with vintage

Mistakes to avoid with vintage

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If you want an interior with vintage accents, know that this style of decoration is not always easy to handle. To help you see more clearly and succeed in your decor, we suggest you discover the errors to avoid.

Don't neglect the definition of the word vintage

Do you really know what the word vintage means because we tend to use it for anything and everything! Basically, the word vintage designates clothing or furniture that dates from before the 80s. There is therefore a criterion of authenticity to take into account with a notion of time. Today, vintage is often confused with the vintage style which has a slightly broader definition since it echoes the image that the piece of furniture gives. Thus, a reissue is not exactly vintage but rather vintage style to be exact which of course does not detract from its aesthetic aspect!

Don't think vintage is cheap

And contrary to what we think, everything that is vintage is not necessarily cheap! Of course, you will find very good prices by skimming fleas and garage sales but if you go to a second-hand dealer, you risk having surprises. Indeed, a vintage piece is often rare due to its age and prices can quickly fly up! The rarer a piece, the more it will cost. You can then often opt for new reissues of vintage furniture that are certainly not vintage but which often cost much less than the vintage used version. A real headache!

Don't play the total look

Unless you have a real passion for certain years, it is strongly advised not to opt for a total vintage look in its interior because you will have the impression of living in the past. Today, we prefer the mix and match which consists of mixing pieces from different eras. And you can easily mix a 1950s sideboard with an ultra-designer armchair. A new trend has even emerged, we also speak of neo-retro when the design plays with the codes of the vintage style while offering high-tech characteristics.

Don't think that old

We talked about the true definition of vintage, re-editions that can help you give a vintage style to your interior, but we haven't mentioned furniture that is directly inspired by the 50s and 60s. With the craze for vintage style, all brands are inspired by retro codes to create contemporary furniture. You will find buffets, tables and other retro furniture at stores such as Maisons du monde, Alinéa and even Ikéa. If the furniture is not always faithful to vintage, they are directly inspired by the decor codes of the time and the brands then offer modernized versions which may perhaps more suit you in style but also budget. Why not offer yourself a beautiful authentic vintage piece and complete your decor with elements with a retro look!