Hardware focus: how to choose a light box?

Hardware focus: how to choose a light box?

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The light-box is a table with a light surface below which a light is positioned. This device makes it possible to reproduce a drawing by transparency, to ink illustrations or to modify original plates. Faced with the different models available on the market, here are the criteria that will allow you to choose the right light-box.

What light-box formats exist?

The light-boxes are available in different formats:

  • A2
  • A3
  • A4

The choice of your future light-box therefore depends on the dimensions of the works you wish to achieve.

What type of lighting to choose?

You can choose one of the following lights:

  • LED: this technology provides homogeneous and uniform lighting over the entire surface of the news: 739843 light table. LEDs do not heat up during use.
  • Fluorescent tube with cold cathode or neon: this older technology is less and less used by professional manufacturers. However, it remains less expensive to purchase.

So the price of light-boxes entry-level starts around 10 euros. The most sophisticated models can reach 250 to 300 euros. These models have high-end features.

What are the different thicknesses of light-boxes?

Today, manufacturers are designing models of light-box increasingly fine. Thanks to LED technology, they manage to manufacture ultra-flat light tables, with a variable thickness between 0.8 and 1.8 cm approximately. Also be aware that there are light-box with inclined plane. This type of model brings additional comfort to the designer. Note that there are light-box 2 in 1, that is to say that they are tiltable according to your desires and needs.