Household appliances for detox

Household appliances for detox

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A few months out of our little summer outfits, we all die of wanting to feel good about our bodies. The solution that is on the rise: the detox cure, which promotes the elimination of toxins through a very specific diet. Fruit juices, soups, steamed vegetables, these are the ingredients of a successful detox cure. Before you start, you must of course equip yourself ... Here are 3 electro devices to get you illico presto!

A centrifuge

A good quality juicer is essential when you decide to do a juice-based detox. Convenient when preparing your fruit or vegetable juices, it maximizes the amount of juice and keeps vitamins to a maximum. Important note not to be overlooked: a mixer cannot replace the centrifuge during this type of cure because it will not create you a juice but a smoothie. The latter still contains fibers, completely prohibited during detox.

Steam cooker

Ally with detox, the steamer can also become your daily traveling companion. By favoring this type of cooking, you avoid cooking with fat… goodbye to simmered or fried small dishes. We gain less fat, but especially more vitamins and nutrients because they remain protected from the air. Fish, white meat, vegetables, your meals cooked in a steamer are much lower in calories and therefore much easier to digest.

A heated blender

Cabbage soup, leek soup or even asparagus soup, during the detox cure, we do not hesitate on mixed vegetables. To prepare them easily, we adopt a heating blender, which allows you to cook and mix them in the same stainless steel bowl. Convenient !