Chess pieces become decorative objects

Chess pieces become decorative objects

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Perhaps you realized that the chess pieces had left their board to invade the whole house? Crazy, king, horseman and other pawns become modern totems by setting themselves up as XXL sculpture to offer a chic and offbeat style to the decor. Manual !

Unusual objects

In the house, decorative objects are gaining more and more character! With the advent of the cabinet of curiosity style, unusual objects appeared in the decor and did not hesitate to play with proportions. Thus the chess pieces are offered XXL versions which are installed on the ground or on furniture like sculptures. We will even find very large models to install in the garden to create an original universe worthy of fairy tales. And if the chess pieces play the card of originality in their dimensions, they nevertheless remain very wise on the color side with black and white as it should be on traditional chessboards. Some models will still dare chrome!

The decor in black and white

And if you take advantage of these chess pieces to offer you a black and white decoration? This shock duo is ideal for creating a graphic decoration and it adapts perfectly to the design style by highlighting the pure lines. The chess pieces can then set the tone totem way! Our decor tip: bet on a mostly white or black decor and choose chess pieces of the opposite color to make them stand out.