The Link modular sofa, for a custom decoration

The Link modular sofa, for a custom decoration

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A must have to personalize your living room. The Link modular sofa is a multitude of combinations, as you want, wherever you want! Straight or angled, meridian or recamière, fixed or convertible, this clever sofa fits more than ever into our need to create a decoration to our measure and that looks like us! Warning: must have!

The Link sofa in figures!

The figures speak for themselves to show how this clever sofa offers possibilities to satisfy our desires for styles and colors. Attention, let's go! 89 colors, 20 associated elements, 5 types of coverings, 9 styles of armrests and legs and 4 seat comforts. Off the beaten track of decoration, the diversity of the Link collection sounds like the promise of a living room that looks like us.

A sofa that sets the tone

And indeed, its range of compositions gladly places the Link sofa as the centerpiece of our interior. It remains to build the decor around. Some tracks ? We adopt it in red in a white living room for a resolutely design result, we dare it in pink to put our living room in a good mood, or in sky blue for a living room in vintage tones. Special mention to the gray and pink patchwork version for a graphic and arty living room!

Coordinate or mismatch!

Elements of 1 to 3 places, penguin for corner sofas, chaise longue, recamière, pouffe and cabriolet chair, that is enough to satisfy lovers of coordinated salons! But Link is also suitable for anyone who likes to break the codes; they will be able to mix colors and finishes of models at will and imagine a lounge space exactly to their measure.

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