What colors to associate with electric blue?

What colors to associate with electric blue?

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Electric blue and lime green for a decor full of pep's

The association electric blue and anise green is perfect in a veranda, a kitchen or in a teenager's room, girl or boy. Indeed, it is the ideal marriage to give pep's to a room, it is therefore an ideal duo in a room where there is passage and life!

In addition to being a designer color, electric blue tends to visually enlarge a room, making it an ally for small areas. We put it on one or two sections of wall, and we paint the others in pure white, powdery white or ivory for a very luminous rendering. Or, if you only want to use electric blue and anise green with subtle touches, you will rather choose, in these tones, decorative objects, table linen or bed linen.

Electric blue and red: modernity and elegance

The marriage of electric blue and red may seem slightly surprising at first, and yet it is a marriage certainly original but that works, and which moreover is totally in tune with the times.
In a youth room, an office or a loft, this is the ultimate anti-gloom decoration solution! It is of course advisable to combine it with white to keep enough light.

The ideal being to opt for a dominant of electric blue and white, and to add here and there, sparingly and subtly, small touches of red (thanks to a carpet, a sofa, a bookcase, a duvet cover, curtains, or various decorative items such as lights, paintings, stickers, planters and others).

Electric blue and yellow for a vibrant decor

To bring cheer to an interior decoration, one can associate the yellow to electric blue, like a few touches of the sun in an azure and cloudless sky… It is a very nice way to enhance the electric blue while punctuating the decor with warm and bright notes (especially if your electric blue is shiny and / or moiré).

This type of association of colors calls for an escape, and we find there the intensity of the sunny landscapes of the seaside. A welcome wedding in the living room, friendly space where we like to extend the evenings with friends or in family!

Electric blue and pink

Let it be said: no, blue is not just for boys! And to prove it, the fairer sex uses and abuses the electric blue, even more vibrant when it is punctuated with gourmet touches thanks to the raspberry pink or punchy shades of pink drawing towards red… Delicious in a bathroom, a bedroom girl and why not in a living room that we want absolutely girly and invigorating where good humor reigns, the alliance of electric blue and pink is original, but works wonderfully.

To know that this association is just as suitable for a kitchen where the pink will be laid by touches thanks to the dishes, the kitchen linen, the curtains or the bar stools for a well tempered rhythm.

Electric blue and chocolate for a wellness area

Electric blue can also be combined with chocolate: a refined and delicate blend. A true evocation of nature to which we can add soft green for a decoration placed under the sign of zen.

It's the perfect combination, especially in a room where you like to take the time to read, listen to music or just do nothing: ideal in a bathroom, living room or bedroom !