A facelift at my entry for less than 200 euros

A facelift at my entry for less than 200 euros

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The entrance is often a neglected room, considered only as a place of passage. However, when your guests arrive, it is indeed this room that they see first, so no question of leaving it on the floor. To give it a little fresh air without breaking the bank, here are 5 ideas to replicate at home.

Lay a large rug: 16.99 euros

Since the entrance is a passage room, the floor and in particular the parquet tends to quickly deteriorate. But changing everything requires a considerable budget that we cannot always afford. Simple and inexpensive solution: buy a large carpet that will cover the floor of your entrance, while providing a warm and decorative touch.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Fix a mirror: 89.90 euros

The wall is damaged in a very specific place but you can not afford to redo it entirely? Why not simply install a beautiful and large mirror on this disaster area?
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Change suspension: 15 euros

If your entry is not highlighted because it lacks lighting, go ahead and buy a new pendant light. It is preferably chosen in light tones or even transparent, and open to the maximum in order to give the room all the light it deserves.
Photo credit: Ikéa

Hang a trendy wall keychain: 7.49 euros

To give your starter a good youthful look without breaking the bank, you also need to find a few smart and decorative accessories at low prices. Our favorite: a key-shaped wall keyring, made of trendy wood.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Opt for a graphic wallpaper: 67.50 euros

Finally, you can also decide to cover a section of wall with a nice graphic wallpaper that brings a lot of style. We dedicate a good part of our budget to it by choosing a trendy designer model like Ferm Living which has established itself as a true precursor.
Photo credit: Ferm Living