How to repair a pierced gutter?

How to repair a pierced gutter?

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Answer: use roofing putty to plug the leaks.

Leaks in a gutter can have several causes: an element that has become detached due to a gale, a fitting or a joint that has become defective over time, or a hole in the gutter. To repair a pierced gutter, you must first clean it thoroughly. Do not hesitate to use methylated spirits if necessary. This will allow you to determine the extent of the leak. If the size is reasonable (a few centimeters), you can just plug the leak with a roofing putty. The sealant needs to dry for at least 24 hours, which means working in dry weather, so check the weather before repairing. In the specific case of zinc gutters, you can seal the leak by soldering with tin, or by applying a special zinc sealant.


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