Video: install a dishwasher

Video: install a dishwasher

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You bought a dishwasher, but its installation is still a mystery for you? Have you just moved into a new apartment and wish to install the dishwasher without further delay? Laid Azzi, from, shows you how to install a dishwasher efficiently and without difficulty.

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The different elements of the dishwasher

To install a dishwasher, you will need to make three different connections: the electrical connection, the water supply and the waste water outlet pipe.

Install the dishwasher

If the space provided for the dishwasher is very small, remember to connect the three cables so that you can insert the dishwasher in the space without being obstructed by the wires. If a hole has been drilled to pass the various pipes, do not hesitate to use it to save space. Then screw the water inlet hose onto the pipe provided for this purpose. First tighten by hand and then, using a pliers, screw very tight. Then insert the waste water outlet pipe into the plastic tube provided for this purpose. No screwing should be done: just enter the hose into the tube. When you have made the connections and the electrical connection, do not forget to install your dishwasher in the space provided. It should then work perfectly. Following Laid Azzi's explanations, you will install your dishwasher very easily and efficiently, for a kitchen that is always clean and tidy. Watch the video Install a dishwasher on Produced by Minute Facile.