Paneling from floor to ceiling

Paneling from floor to ceiling

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The paneling is a safe bet. Made of wood, it fits perfectly into a rustic interior. PVC or coated, it brings a cozy touch to a contemporary decor. Easy to apply, suitable for all metamorphoses, it is available in the most trendy tones. And for a total look, the paneling is installed from floor to ceiling, for a cabin in Canada, mountain chalet or refuge spirit.

Wood, PVC or coated paneling?

If the paneling is still current, it is not for nothing. It allows to give in a few hours to a tired room a breath of renewal. Indeed, he is renovating a damaged wall without the need for major restoration work. It remains to be seen which paneling to choose.

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The wood paneling is cut in various species such as oak, maritime pine, fir or even teak and other exotic woods. It can be installed on the wall and on the ceiling, in all dry rooms of the house. On the other hand, in order not to suffer from excess humidity, in the bathroom or in the annexes, he must undergo treatment. It offers good value for money because its longevity is quite remarkable for a reasonable cost. The PVC paneling is ideal in damp rooms but is pleasant in the whole house. Rotproof, it also resists deformation. As for the melamine paneling, it is made from chipboard glued with wood-look melamine paper. It does not support humidity in any case. The installation of paneling boards does not really require a great deal of DIY knowledge, especially if one chooses to clip on paneling. Some models stick and others screw together. Finally, you should know that the paneling is an interesting thermal and acoustic insulator. Made of wood, it plays the eco card to the core because it is made from certified wood.

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What color for the paneling?

The paneling is available in a wide range of tones to integrate with great elegance into current decor. On the walls, white wooden paneling will look good in a living room with designer fireplace, ultra contemporary corner sofa and glass table or lacquered furniture. Pink in color, it will bring the touch of femininity necessary for a girl's bedroom, whatever the type of paneling chosen. We opt for a pretty gray tone in a refined entrance, an ultra-class living room or a bedroom with a soothing atmosphere. For the paneled ceiling, pay attention to the choice of colors. It is strongly advised to choose it in a clear tone: white whatever the style of the room, pearl gray in a contemporary decoration, in raw wood for the Scandinavian style.

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Laying direction

It is possible to bring a touch of originality by opting for an oblique installation of the wall paneling, and to visually modify the area of ​​a room according to the width of the boards. Finally, one chooses judiciously the direction of installation, in the length or in the width of the part.

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