My teen wants a BZ bed

My teen wants a BZ bed

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During adolescence, our children wish to transform their bedroom into a mini living room where they can receive their friends. To help them create their own reception space, we install a BZ bed for them, which can be folded down to accommodate each guest as it should be. In addition, it has the most reduced dimensions on the bench side, and will therefore be a good choice for all small spaces. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bed for your teen.

Why choose a BZ bed?

The BZ bed has the advantage of unfolding and folding in accordion. A significant feature, since it allows your teen to leave the sheets in place before folding it, unlike the sofa bed or the sofa bed. Another benefit of the BZ compared to its counterparts, it does not have a separation bar in the middle of the bed and thus offers more comfort. Last point that your teenagers will appreciate: the BZ allows you to be, both sitting and lying, always turned in the same direction of the room. Handy if he wants to install it in front of his TV! Also note that on the price side, the BZ is one of the cheapest sofa beds. Ideal not to explode your budget!

A decorative cover

After stopping on the BZ bed, you must now choose the right cover that will adapt to a teenage world. Since the urban style is very appreciated by 12-16 year olds, we rush directly to the New York prints or the American and English flags. If on the contrary, they prefer sobriety, the covers exist in a plain version and in all colors. What satisfy their desire of the moment. And if it ever changes, you can always provide a spare.