What flooring for the teenage bedroom?

What flooring for the teenage bedroom?

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If teenagers have the annoying habit of staying cloistered in their bedroom until pushing us to a nervous breakdown, it is better to look good, by learning in particular about the floor coverings most suited to their new refuge… Small summary and multiple options.


The carpet is the favorite covering of young people, and it is not a surprise! What made it successful: its softness and extreme comfort underfoot as well as its warm, even cocooning appearance. Assets that comfort teenagers in the urge to stay huddled in their bedroom and never leave it! But the list of qualities is not finished. The other major advantage of adopting this flooring in the youth room is that it is particularly insulating and soundproofing. At an age when we are used to listening to loud music, this noise reduction is not negligible, both for the rest of the family and for the neighbors! The downsides: if there were some good points to remove from the carpet, they would concern the problems it can cause for teens with allergies. A discourse that we can qualify if we put on anti-allergenic carpets!

Vinyl flooring

Why choose a vinyl floor? Because this choice, whether in rolls, strips or slabs, is both healthy, resistant and that on the decorative side, it offers endless possibilities that are difficult to match (metal effect for an industrial style bedroom, "New York" motifs "for a travel side, writings or numbers for a trendy look ...). In addition, this floor covering is also an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator. Only problem: it easily scratched. In other words, with vinyl floors, teens are better off walking around in slippers rather than sneakers and protecting the feet of their chairs and other felt furniture!


A favorite floor covering for adults, there are also good reasons to choose parquet in a teenage bedroom. Resistant and easy to maintain, it presents itself as another alternative that does not cause any allergies (like vinyl floors and unlike carpet). In terms of decoration, the variation of wooden slats allows an extra wide choice in which the youngest should find their happiness: gray effect parquet, wenge, XXL slats ...

One or more rugs

They may not be full-fledged floor coverings, the triumph of carpets in the teenage bedroom prompts us to consider this accessory to dress the floor of their refuge room. First advantage: the possibility of easily changing models when they get bored, which is not possible with a real floor covering covering the entire surface of the room. Among its other advantages: its low cost and its diversification in a large number of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and materials. Ideal for accessorizing space in order to accentuate a specific style, whether it is pop, rock, urban, New York, poetic… or simply to be used to camouflage an unattractive floor! Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos