The boom of sliding doors

The boom of sliding doors

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In our modern interiors, sliding doors are the talk of the town! Highly decorative, practical to handle and above all space saving, they have many advantages that we invite you to discover. Be careful, you may well adopt these original doors.

Sliding doors and practicality

Do you lack space to accommodate doors that will take up some space when they are opened? Do you want doors that can be forgotten in your wall? The solution: sliding doors! Be aware that you will find two types of sliding doors. The surface-mounted system is placed directly on the wall and the integrated system finds its place in a partition in order to completely disappear the door when it is open. Thanks to these two systems, the sliding doors allow the spaces to be adjusted as required. They correspond perfectly to our modern lifestyles because it is sometimes necessary to close open spaces to benefit from a little privacy.

Sliding doors and design

On the decorative side, sliding doors are particularly trendy because they offer original possibilities in terms of design. There are classic wooden or plastic doors, but also glass models that offer original prints and patterns that will make your door a real decorative asset for your interior. On the other hand, the game of transparency is also interesting when you want to close a space while benefiting from the light of another room. It will be ideal for separating a bedroom from a dressing room or a bathroom. And their sleek appearance, will particularly adapt to the design style!