I discover the technique of kirigami

I discover the technique of kirigami

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Here is a booming creative leisure discipline. As his big brother origami already did, kirigami is conquering our western hearts. So what is this new trend? When origami teaches us how to fold paper to give life to all kinds of 3D objects, kirigami introduces us to the art of cutting paper to make all kinds of decorations in 2 or 3D. To be more precise, it even combines the 2 techniques: cutting then folding.

What do we do with kirigami?

With this art, you will get for example very finely cut garlands of an aerial and delicate rendering, or even what are called pop-up cards, you know those cards which make a 3D motif spring when you open them , as in some children's books ... But don't get me wrong, unlike origami, this discipline is not suitable for children because it takes great dexterity to handle the cutting tools!

The material to get you started

Like origami, it is an economic art that will require only a few materials but you will still need good tools, especially cutting. So plan a news: 739781 cutter, a scalpel for the thinnest cuts, a cutting mat, a metal ruler, a folder, a tube of glue, a pencil and of course the paper you choose more or less fine depending on what you want to achieve. But what you will need above all is a lot of patience and thoroughness to achieve a neat job with ultra delicate cuts.

How to get started

It is essential to practice the technique of cutting with a scalpel and watch your fingers! To do beautiful things, stay focused and above all do not rush! Choose simple templates to tackle at first and improve yourself little by little. You will find on the internet templates for all kinds of achievements and also in paper format, kirigami notebooks with templates to be photocopied ... And little by little, you will become able to make your own cutting templates for your own achievements, until you become a real artist, because, believe it, with a piece of paper, a scalpel, dexterity and talent, you can do completely incredible things…