Material focus: how to choose your scrapbooking paper?

Material focus: how to choose your scrapbooking paper?

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By definition, patchwork is a sewing exercise which consists in assembling several pieces of fabrics in different colors, shapes and sizes to create a given pattern. Various objects, blankets, decorative fabrics ... patchwork is particularly appreciated by lovers of creative hobbies. By derivative, patchwork is today trying to assemble pieces of paper for an effect close to the news: 739845 fabric, but which plays with textures and materials. It is possible to use different papers to make these colored works. Let's see how to choose your paper.

Choose scrapbooking paper

Generally used to decorate scrapbook albums, the paper of the same name can serve your achievements of patchwork. Packaged in the form of sheets with endless colors, multiple reflections and various formats and patterns, this paper , in addition to being easily cut, foldable or even perforable, is not expensive to buy. You will find it from 0.53 euros per sheet in all hobby shops and on the Internet. The paper scrapbooking is available in different thicknesses to choose according to the expected effect.

Choose wallpaper

For your works of patchwork, you can also use the paper painted accessible from 12 euros the roll in the trade. For an assured effect, you have to play on the tones and assemble two colors and two completely different patterns. In practice, buy several rolls of wallpaper, cut your rectangles and place them alternately for an illusion patchwork. To do this, use a special glue to paper painted. Tip: use your scraps of wallpaper for the same exercise.

Choose wrapping paper

Finally, for your patchworks, remember to recover papers of your daily packaging (cereal box, boxes of all kinds, etc.). You can then dare the craziest creations without paying a dime. Cut, layer, paste!