Video: hide imperfections in a frame

Video: hide imperfections in a frame

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Do you want to make a nice wooden frame, but are you afraid that imperfections will emerge after assembly? Have you created a wooden montage for your photos and have you noticed that an angle was ill-adjusted? Daniel Barré, framer, gives you a little tip to hide imperfections.

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Necessary material

To hide imperfections on a frame, you will need a felt the color of the frame. Do not hesitate to borrow the felt tip pens of a child around you: this solution is perfect. Otherwise, you can optionally use shoe polish the color of your frame.

How to hide imperfections on a frame?

When assembling a frame, it may happen that the fourth angle does not fit perfectly. This defect is due to a veiled rod. The imperfection, in this case, appears only on the fourth angle, which is the one that compensates for the defects of the other three angles. To remedy this imperfection, take the felt whose color matches that of the frame. Before assembling the frame, draw a line of felt at the ends of each strip, where it will then be glued. This trick makes it possible to make invisible a possible gap after assembly. Even if your wand is not veiled, it is better to apply this tip: your work will be perfectly clean. Thanks to Daniel Barré's explanations, create personalized frames for a decoration that suits you. Watch the Framing video: hide imperfections on Produced by Minute Facile.