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How to install a grinder in his sink?

How to install a grinder in his sink?



Answer: disconnect the drain from the sink, enlarge the hole in the sink drain if necessary and fix the grinder with a gasket before connecting it to the siphon

It is very easy to install your grinder yourself, you do not need to be an experienced handyman to do it. Here is a summary of the steps you will need to take. Before you begin installing your grinder, disconnect the drain from the sink. If the diameter of the sink hole is less than 90 mm in diameter, it means that it will probably be too narrow to be able to slide the inlet of the grinder into it. In this case, do not hesitate to enlarge the hole with a hole saw. The hole must be wide enough for the crusher to be fixed. Also make sure to leave a free space under the sink so that there is enough space for the grinder. Once the hole is widened, place the crusher in it. Attach it to the sink by placing a gasket so that everything fits securely. Finally, connect the siphon to that of your sink. Here, your shredder is installed! You too, send us your brico question