How does a hygrostat work?

How does a hygrostat work?

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Answer: a small device to automatically regulate humidity.

The hygrostat comes in addition to an electric dehumidifier or humidifier. It is a control system that will allow you to automatically control the humidity level of a room. This small device plugs in between the power outlet and the dehumidifier (or humidifier). Then just enter the desired humidity level on the control panel - electronic or wheel -. Using the principle of the thermostat, the hygrostat activates or deactivates the device according to the humidity of the room at a time T, if it is lower or higher than the desired rate. For a cost of around 40 euro ;, it therefore makes it possible to operate moisture absorbers and humidifiers independently and above all optimally. The humidistat can also be connected to ventilation systems. You too, send us your DIY question.