Video: how to make a scented candle?

Video: how to make a scented candle?

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On Valentine's Day, personalize your romantic table with candles made by yourself! We met Véronique Pulby - alias Chipie la Galette - a Lyon designer passionate about creative leisure. During small videos she gives you her little tips for making original decorative objects, which do not require either being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, find out how to make a scented candle in your kitchen!

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What you need for a candle

- A thick glass - A wick - Small self-adhesive metallic subjects - Stearin - A candle perfume - Paraffin - A piece of cardboard with a notch

What to do

To dress the container, stick the small subjects according to your tastes. In a saucepan, in a bain-marie, melt the paraffin into grass to which you add stearin (10 to 30% of the total mass of paraffin ) and add thirty drops of special candle perfume. Attach the wick to the center of the glass with a little paraffin. Keep the wick straight with the piece of cardboard. When the paraffin-stearin mixture has melted, pour it into the glass, leaving 1 cm of rim at the top. Wait a few hours for the candle to dry. It's up to you to make your candles by choosing your favorite perfumes or original colors. Find out more!