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How to decorate a country-themed restaurant?

How to decorate a country-themed restaurant?

Question from Pascale:


Answer: replace the plaster

Hello Pascale, your restaurant room already has two excellent bases for your country theme with the exposed beams in dark wood and the lower parts of the walls covered with wood as well. For a contemporary countryside atmosphere, I actually advise you to restore the plaster by modifying the color and thus go from yellow to a light string beige which will give a lot more elegance to the whole room. Then, the decoration accessories, the choice of fabrics and the lights will do the rest. Arrange plants in wicker or waxed concrete baskets. One can imagine frames on the walls with campaign photos, sepia or black and white prints. The frame will be in dark wood or metal. The lighting is also very important: prefer black steel or brushed steel for the suspensions, which will bring a little "industrial" wink without distorting your countryside atmosphere. You too, send us your decoration question