How does a chemical moisture absorber work?

How does a chemical moisture absorber work?

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Operating principle of the chemical moisture absorber

Thechemical moisture absorber is an equipment which works in a very simple way, according to the principle of condensation: it indeed contains a tablet or a cartridge of sodium chloride (in other words, coarse salt) in which the ambient air, saturated with humidity, will pass ; the cartridge will then absorb the moisture to transform it into water, which will then be collected in a bin which will have to be emptied into the toilet as soon as it is necessary.

The moisture absorber -or dehumidifier- chemical is therefore a good way of lowering the humidity level in a house, provided of course that these are not major problems of the capillary lift type; it is a solution that does not deal with the causes but the consequences of a humidity problem!

What are the strengths of the chemical moisture absorber?

If you have humidity concerns at home, here are some good reasons to choose a chemical dehumidifier :

  • It's a piece of equipment you can't easy to use : you place it in the room of your choice, and the tablet absorbs moisture.
  • There are very many models, of different sizes, which adapt to all your needs: XS models which hang in a cupboard, like larger models to dehumidify an entire room.
  • Unlike theelectric moisture absorber, the chemical dehumidifier is absolutely noiseless equipment. Which is pretty handy, especially if you want to place it in your bedroom or living room.
  • Another highlight of thechemical absorber of electricity : the fact that it works with tablets and cartridges, and that you don't have to plug it in (unlike the electric dehumidifier) ​​to make it work. If you have humidity problems in several rooms, this will not be reflected on the electricity bill!
  • The lozenges or sodium chloride cartridges are 100% odorless: you can therefore place an electrical moisture absorber in a small room or cabinet without the risk of unpleasant odors.
  • A chemical dehumidifier works quickly: after a day already it will have started to dry the ambient air in the room.
  • The chemical moisture absorber is very affordable: you can quite find it from € 5 for small models that slip into a wardrobe, then € 15 for larger models.

Weak points of the chemical dehumidifier

Although it has many strengths, thechemical moisture absorber presents some small gaps that it is important to know before opting for this type of equipment to dry the air and solve the humidity concerns at home:

  • Although the tablet system is fairly effective, a chemical moisture absorber will clearly never perform as well as an electric dehumidifier.
  • It is an equipment which requires that you regularly change the tablets or the sodium chloride cartridges (count about 20 € for a tablet or for a batch of 4-5 cartridges).
  • Remember to empty the water often in the dehumidifier tank.

When to choose a chemical moisture absorber?

In view of its advantages and disadvantages, the chemical moisture absorber appears to be a good solution if you do not have big humidity problems, and you are looking for inexpensive equipment.