Films to insulate your windows from the cold

Films to insulate your windows from the cold

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The company Glastint offers practical solutions to reinforce thermal insulation and reduce the electricity consumption of its home: films to be applied to the windows.

Cold insulation in a few figures

The building sector consumes 43% of the energy produced on the planet and is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. France has 31 million dwellings, 61% of which are very poorly insulated, built before 1975.

Isola: insulating films for windows

Glastint has developed a range of films with a double metallic layer to strengthen the cold insulation of glass surfaces. The outer layer of the film reflects the short infrared emitted by the sun. The inner layer reflects the long infrared of the heat produced inside the room. This technology considerably improves the performance of glazing. It increases thermal insulation by up to 36% in winter thanks to less heat loss to the outside while retaining the brightness. It increases the temperature of the glass walls in winter by 2 to 5 degrees, reducing the effect of cold walls. It allows up to 15% energy savings on the heating bill. Finally, it contributes to environmental protection by controlling heat and energy.

Isola: insulating films with additional benefits

Beyond the cold insulation, the Isola range offers other significant benefits. Films reduce glare and increase confidentiality in the case of a vis-à-vis. They reject up to 83% of the heat in summer and up to 99% of ultraviolet light and therefore reduce the need for air conditioning.

Who are Isola insulation films for?

The Isola range by Glastint is aimed at individuals and professionals. For individuals, films allow to insulate buildings, verandas, individual houses, roof windows, bay windows… For professionals, the range is suitable for industrial buildings, offices, factories, surveillance posts and any other large glass area.

How to install Isola insulation films at home?

A Glastint expert comes to your home to analyze and define the needs. After establishing the diagnosis, they offer a quote. Glastint experts use a specific diagnostic and analysis tool for natural light. They make location-specific surveys (glazing, solar radiation, ultraviolet, orientation, etc.) in order to be able to select the best film solution to apply from more than 120 references. After acceptance of the quote, Glastint technicians apply the film impeccably, without distortion, bubbles or wrinkles, for a perfect result with excellent stability of the treated surfaces. To know more :